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If you are already a business owner or just starting, you hate wasting time and money, writing the copy by yourself, struggling with open and click rates, or coming up with the next email campaign strategy. The list goes. Thinking “I can do it all by myself” is the most crucial mistake you can make in 2023. 

Why spend months coming up with your own content and testing multiple options when you can simply copy and paste what is currently working? Access all the email strategies, high-converting copy, winning AI prompts, pre-written formulas, or killer headlines in one place, and almost for free. 

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Email Marketing Templates

▪️ Valued $210  |  1000 Specific Emails 

▪️ Valued $100  |  50 Promotional Sales Emails 

▪️ Valued $100  |  10 Product Sales Emails 

▪️ Valued $70  |  50 Freebie Sequence Emails

▪️ Valued $60  |  20 Social Engagement Emails

▪️ Valued $50  |  10 E-commerce Cart Emails

▪️ Valued $60  |  10 Professional Business Emails

▪️ Valued $60  |  20 Affiliate Marketing Emails

Email Marketing Tools

▪️ Valued $50  |  Email Marketing Mastermind  

▪️ Valued $50  |  Email Marketing Calendar

▪️ Valued $50  |  Winning Email Subjects 

▪️ Valued $50  |  Email Copy Tools  

Email Marketing Templates

▪️ 100 Abandoned Cart Sequence   Valued $200   

▪️ 100 Nurture Email Sequence  |  Valued $150  

▪️ 100 Onboarding Sequence  |  Valued $150

▪️ 100 Post-Purchase Sequence  |  Valued $150    

▪️ 100 Product Launch Sequence  |  Valued $150    

▪️ 100 Re-Engagement Sequence  |  Valued $150    

▪️ 100 Referral Email Sequence  |  Valued $150    

▪️ 100 Upsell Email Sequence  |  Valued $150

▪️ 100 Welcome Sequence  |  Valued $150        

▪️ 100 Win-Back Sequence  |  Valued $150 

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